Why iOS 13 Is Buggy (And How to Fix It in iOS 14)

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I fully realize how ridiculous any recommendation my dumb blogger, podcaster, and YouTuber can sound. But, I’m going to make two anyway. And, hey, if I’m going to run at a wall, I’m damn well going to leave a cartoon shaped hole through it when I do.

So, here we go!



David Shayer on iOS 13 bugs:…

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  1. I guess I am just lucky –
    even the betas of 13 were pretty good for me.

    Also can you please get LED lights that don’t flicker on camera? It’s pretty distracting.

  2. Been using iOS 13 from day one Beta and not been so bad for me….. I think its funny how commentators like yourself seem to think you know better than all the engineers and developers…. Funny AF

  3. I think you are thinking you know what your talking about and all you are really saying is bs. It is great that they update to fix and to add Android doesn’t do it enough. I have all three new systems( watch, computer and phone) and am very happy with all three. I want to refrain from name calling. It just your opinion and your opinion means nothing to me. Get a real and work

  4. The worst part for developing for iOS is that once apple release a new version older versions components don't work. We are having this issue atm with our company app. Yes android apps aren't as snappy as iOS but they still work with newer versions of Android and still keep features of those versions rather than remove them like iOS does

  5. You are spot on, old bugs are more annoying than new bugs, its like death by a thousand paper cuts, Apple really needs to get a grip on bugs before adding new features, I told the tech team this in response to a email regarding a recent bug I was reporting, Sort the bugs out !

  6. iOS 12 was buggy as hell. What are you talking about? Issues with video recording not working, the keyboard constantly disappearing and having to exit the chat you’re on, then go back into it to get the keyboard back. Dodgy WiFi and UI elements disappear or overlapping etc, etc. I have had the XR, 8 plus and multiple units of them and these bugs persisted throughout them all.

  7. Great insight Rene, this is why I love Vector. I hope Apple listens. I’m disappointed at how unstable iOS 13 has been ? and all these years and Apple still hasn’t implemented smart dialing in the phone app ??‍♂️

  8. What you suggested that features should be released over time sounds bad to me…
    It has the potential to become more buggy and fragmented.

    Why not hold them and release them all at once. I will be fine with that.
    Just take a year off, work out the bugs, and then release a new OS with new features.

  9. The by far most annoying bug I’ve experienced in iOS 13: skip and backwards music controls don’t work in my car anymore when it’s connected to the system via Lightning Cable. Haven’t heard of any update that fixes that bug.

    My car is an Audi A3 8V, but I’ve heard it’s happening in BMWs also. Totally an iOS 13 issue, it worked fine with iOS 12 and it still works with Spotify, just not Apple Music

  10. I have 13.1.3 on Xs max very buggy and have to reset phone most days to fix problems like frozen screen in apps Bluetooth failing to work and more , hope they fix problems soon not had these problems before.

  11. So hers a bug. iCloud didn’t sync a note I took on my phone and so i called Apple and was told to toggle off and on the notes app in iCloud and the note disappeared . Gone forever

  12. I actually saw more problems with 12 than 13 on my iPad.

    I am more annoyed by the actual features. I can't keep count of the times I have accidentally triggered slideover of safari when just playing games.

    Even more annoying is the significant number of times the slideover window does not go away. Ipad users are the red-headed bastard step-children of Apple.

  13. How about quit automatically downloading the updates to our devices, just so the most unimaginative CEO can say it’s the most adopted OS downloaded ever…. And let us roll back to any iOS we want. I think we know what works better than these jokes at Apple. I don’t give a F about emojis.

  14. I have noticed a couple bugs with bluetooth connectivity between my AirPods (generation 1) and my iPhone XS Max since I got update 13.1.3 as well as some slight to medium battery performance dips with my XS Max and 8 + other than that I would say the other 95% of the most recent update fine.

  15. Hey good points, the one thing I'd say is that apple runs a risk if they switch from a here's what we delivered to here's what we plan to in their WWDC and other big announcements. Could end up w egg on their face if there are any hiccups along the way, e.g. photoshop on ipad, airpower, etc

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