Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 review: Good notepad, bad notebook

While the rest of the industry may have given up on making premium Android tablets, Samsung isn’t quitting just yet. It still believes Google’s software has the potential to power superthin and light 2-in-1s, and so it recently unveiled a new version of its hybrid tablet. The Galaxy Tab S6 is a 10.5-inch device that’s designed for people who need to get work done on the go. It comes with an upgraded S Pen that features so-called Air Gestures for remote control of your apps; enhanced…

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  1. Ok, I've watched dozens of reviews on the Galaxy Tab s6 and this does not feel like technology journalism whatsoever. It feels like this woman is just shoehorning in her opinion and throwing out all of the improvements that samsung has made to the Tab s6. Most of the stuff she talks about is incredibly nit-picky and trivial, rather than actually something that will actually affect your performance and effectiveness using this tablet, she decides to go after the pen placement. Is it odd? Sure, I fully agree that the pen placement is different and unusual, but it felt like she just threw out all of the stuff that samsung improved on with this tablet, and that this tablet stands alone as one of the only good android tablets left, and decided to, like I aforementioned, shoehorn her biases into the script. Why not talk about the improved processing unit, from a Snapdragon 835 to 855, or the bump up in the base model specs in terms of RAM and onboard storage, from 4 to 6 gigs of RAM, to 64 to 128 gigs of onboard base storage. I'm incredibly disappointed in this obviously biased "review", and after this I will not be coming to Engadget for further tech journalism and tech reviews.

  2. cant Samsung just provide a basic screen protector and silicon case in the box? I bought the S6nd am now afraid to use it because I havent got the screen protector and case yet. What if i dropped it?!

  3. I'm using Dex on S9+ for work recently. Basically if just using Microsoft office / PDF / web browser for work, it can replace my desktop. Definitely there are some imperfect and non-smooth stuff, but not as bad as commented in this video

  4. Tab S6 is awesome if you like the Samsung Note series. It feels like a large Note 10+. Remember when you compared it to laptops this is 3 or 4 times lighter than many laptops and you don't need to carry heavy battery packs with you. This is a very portable and capable tablet for media and many office apps, plus the S Pen is such a joy to use.

  5. Played around with this in Best buy and love it. Too bad though that Samsung didnt sell the cover and keyboard with it.

    I compare it to a much bigger Note 10 Plus. It has all the features of that phone. I own the Note 10 Plus so I speak from experience. I love Samsung's super amoled displays.

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