Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Clear View Cover Case Review – Hands On

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  1. لا انصح به . جربته وعدم الشاشه خدوش
    لان الغلاف بلاستيك يحك في الشاشه عدم اطراف الشاشه ووسط الشاشه خصوصا اذا تحط الجوال في الجيب

  2. I've just bought one of these from my local T-mobile store. The issue with the AOD is still unresolved. Otherwise I like the case. My phone is "gold," but I bought the silver case. I like the color better anyway.

  3. Hello from Germany. My Galaxy S7 Clear view Cover does not work so gut. When I maked a longer telefon call it doesn't close a lon while an the it does not clos very strong. I thought about a robbon narround the case but therefore it is to expensiv. I try to give it back to my dealer.

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