iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Mate 30 Pro vs Note 10+ vs iPhone 11 | Camera Comparison

Oh yes, it’s that time of the year again. We’ve got a super awesome camera comparison lined up for you featuring the Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. Which will reign supreme?

Full res images:

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  1. Seem like iPhone fan boys here saying the photo is better but not explaining why? Mate 30 destroys it in every photo except the telephoto. iPhone is trash at wide angle as well? Says how educated you are when you're taking merit in what DXO thinks when they're a private company

  2. Huawei does it better only for zoom purposes and night time photography otherwise I think that the iPhones are clearly the winners this year around. I think that Samsung and Huawei are starting to lack behind in several areas.They really need to step their game up!Im owning an iPhone 11 Pro max btw just because of those cameras.They are that Good!! Video quality?Leaves all the rest into dust…No competiton there whatsoever. You may disagree and in some cases Huawei has the upper hand but when talking in an overall camera experience the iPhone takes the cake. Interesting enough I didn't see the note 10 plus standing out on any category…

  3. Sy bukan tau psal bab2 camera ni.. tp setahu sy profesional shooting camera suka yg alami, jujur dan natural pic bila mengambil sesuatu gambar yg mereka snap tanpa edit.. byk smartphone yg guna megapixel yg besar.. tp bila selfie atau mengambil gambar.. terasa mcm kena edit.. muka hitam jadi putih nasi.. yg jerawat jadi halus mulus..

  4. Without any objective figures, this review is extremely biased. I cannot see much difference because the pictures and video are viewed using FHD i.e. 2 Mpixel. DXO already rated iphone low. Wait for the instagram blind test. I am sure, Apple cannot win also. Instagram is even worse. It is half megapixel. The most objective is just to test the best resolution in the best lighting using the best viewers. Just like testing a sports car versus a sedan car. Test them at the racing track. Not in a traffic congested city.

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