iPhone 11 Camera Samples!

iPhone 11 Camera Samples! In this video I will show you a collection of some of the finest Apple iPhone 11 camera and video samples I have take so far with the intentions of giving you an in depth look at the performance of the iPhone 11’s Camera! Share your thoughts, questions, comments, concerns, experiences below with the community on the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 Features a Dual 12MP Wide+12MP Ultra-wide camera capable of 4K60FPS and a 12MP front facing camera also capable of 4K60FPS….

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  2. Great video! I would like to see how the 2x digital zoom of the 11 compares against the 2x optical of the 11 Pro. I know that digital will loose some quality, but will it be that much? I made a similar test with my iPhone X and my dad’s XR. Photos look very similar, with no significant differences.

  3. I very much enjoyed your video! I’ve had the IPhone 11 for about a month now. I learn something new about it everyday. I’m so impressed with the camera!! I went from my 8 plus to the 11 and it’s fantastic! For the price it’s amazing!! Thank you for your video!!

  4. Plz nick tomorrow I will buy phone ….. which one you advise me S10 plus or iPhone 11 ? Don't tell me pro or pro max coz they are very expensive…. and 11 and S10 plus are almost same price

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