[iOS 13 GPS Spoof] How to Fake iPhone Location without Jailbreak | iTeleporter Tutorial 2019

iTeleporter, world’s #1 SAFEST & EASIEST iPhone GPS spoof portable dongle. No jailbreak & computer needed at any time. No subscription fee. Free global shipping.

Now supports the latest iOS 13.1.3!

Hey guys, we all need to fake the location on our cellphones for specific situations from time to time.

How to fake GPS locations for your iPhone in the safest and easiest way?

Today, I’d love to share with you the iTeleporter wired Lightning & wireless Bluetooth series, the world’s #1…

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  1. Could you possibly drop the iteleporter metal or v2 to 149.99 for the holidays. I’m trying to gift this to one of my friends but the prices are just a little too high. Would really appreciate it for the holidays.

  2. You mentioned in a previous comment that "for iOS 13, you can only spoof GPS to a radius of ~20km to your actual position because Apple set new system restriction. If you want to teleport to anywhere in the world you could easily downgrade to iOS 12.4.1."
    Is that still the case? Can you only spoof in a radius of 20km if you run iOS13?

  3. can someone give an honest review? i really want to buy this but i'm paranoid that it's going to somehow give my phone a virus or i'll pay for it and it'll never come ? i'm 21 and my parents still track me like im a 13 year old

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