How to update from Android KitKat to Lollipop

Demonstrated using Samsung Galaxy S5.
Note: For Samsung Galaxy S5, the update is not available in Australia yet (when this video was made) – when it becomes available this is what you do to update it.
If you are using a Samsung phone, you can also try this tutorial:

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  1. Mera Samsung Galaxy core 2 me lollipop update kar ne keliye ek file download Kiya fir usko flase update Kiya for mera fone ka internet, sound,calculetor, badal giya aur bo apps working nehi Kar Raha he usko thik keyse Kare. Please answer me

  2. EUH…. Hum….. I appreciate for the time you took in order to produce that video, Pale … But "with all due respect" : did you smoke marijuana before or after seeing that you couldn't do the upgrade ? No offense Dude.

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  4. Mine says:

    The operating system on your device has been modified in an unauthorized way. Try downloading software updates using Samsung Kies on your PC, or visit a customer service center.

  5. I'm confused becuase my phone won't give me the option to update. it says system update insted of software update and all it does is check. but I got a notification that there was a new update avaliable but I can't get it to work

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