How To Install Widgets on iOS 12 Jailbreak – Install Xen HTML On LockScreen LockHTML!

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● Install Cydia tweak called XenHTML & get widgets on your Lockscreen!
● This does not require a jailbroken…

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  1. I clicked on FilzaEscaped but it's an "untrusted developer" and I can't go further. All I want to do is remove the date from my lock screen. The reason why isn't important but it's making me crazy that I can't do something so simple.

  2. Whenever I set it all up and then jailbreak it, the first thing that comes up is that it was not installed from the official repository etc and gives me the option to add to cydia. I press it but when I try to go into Xen HTML in settings it goes black and crashes. Any help??

  3. Bro , i have done the same but after restart it shows :-
    Install complete. Xen was successful installed. There are just two steps to follow and continue .
    After continue , it show a lockscreen setup and asked two questions as
    1) setup without importing
    2) import from groovy lock
    If i choose groovy lock then an error show that “safemode oops! Springboard just crashed. Neither substitute nor tweak injector caused this . Do u want to respring.”

    If i choose setup without importing then its working fine. I choose background widget and add widget but it shows both the clocks new one and old default clock of ios in lockscreen . What should i do ?

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