Goophone 11 Pro Max Version 3 [VS] REAL iPhone 11 Pro Max – Midnight Green!

Please subscribe for more! This comparison covers about everything you need to know in order to distinguish one phone from the other. This fake really caught me by surprise with almost a 1:1 body and system. Always have in mind that fake phones don’t follow the same quality controls as the real ones, and performance is always inferior.

1. Introduction: 00:11
2. Box Comparison: 00:36
3. Clone Unboxing: 02:59
4. Case/Accessories fitment: 03:59
5. Physical Comparison: 05:11
6. Software…

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  1. So this is what you get for $90, if they invested more into their build for clones then I for one would be happy to pay in the region of $450 for something close to 1:1. and I’m sure many others would, I’m guessing their build cost probably doesn’t exceed $60…….. Chinatronics……listen up and invest more to get closer and you will get sales.

  2. I wish they made a decent clone with 4gb of ram and some old mid tier Snapdragon processors or something. Like an iPhone clone running with OG pixel kind of specs. I'd own one for sure if they made one! I think that would be cool

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